A Green Slate makes it easy to find the healthiest, low-toxic products for your home and your family

The unbiased, science-based source for making informed purchasing decisions


Dr. Hannah Gardener, an epidemiologist, and Karolyn Dector, a startup veteran, joined forces to create A Green Slate.  When faced with buying decisions for their own families, they were unable to find a trusted place for non-toxic product recommendations.  When they searched the web for non-toxic products, the results were unknown sources with category specific information or brand advertisements.  A Green Slate aims to make it easy to be green.

Hannah has a doctorate in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health, and is an Epidemiologist in the Department of Neurology at the University of Miami Medical School. She was previously a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics.

As an Epidemiologist, Hannah conducts clinical research on risk factors for diseases.  Her primary areas of research are environmental and dietary risk factors for chronic neurological diseases, with a particular interest in long term effects from exposures early in life.  Hannah has appeared on the Today Show, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, as well as several radio talk shows.  She has published over 30 medical research articles and presented research at major medical conferences in the US and internationally.

Karolyn's background is in technology startups across many verticals.  She and Hannah met as classmates at Dartmouth College where Karolyn studied Computer Science.  Karolyn was previously at, Parature, Evernote, and Optoro.